The Wool

Treated in Verviers


Wool is an exceptional natural fibre. It is renewable, biodegradable, flame-resistant, able to absorb toxic chemicals and to control the humidity. Its crimp and its elasticity make it very bulky and comfortable. A wide range of wool types fulfil multiple applications.


  • Wool is flexible, crimped, light but also elastic (30%) and strong.
  • Wool protects from heat and cold but allows the skin to breathe. It is also used for buildings insulation.
  • Wool is a renewable resource because the sheep has to be shorn each year.
  • Wool is biodegradable and is used as fertilizer.
  • Wool absorbs toxic chemicals, for example formaldehyde and others volatile organic compounds.
  • Wool controls the humidity.


Wool is a multifunctional fibre used for apparels (suits, pullovers, scarves…), interior textiles (carpets, bedding, upholstery…) but also for technical textiles (insulation, technical and decorative felts…).

Wool is also used for agricultural purposes such as fertilizer because it brings nitrogen and decomposes slowly in the soil.


Traitex is also treating several others animal fibres, for example: cashmere, goatshair, camelhair, alpaca…