Revived Tradition

Traitex is a company specialized for treatment of textile fibres. It has a more than 120 years long experience for scouring and carbonizing wools and others animal fibres.

Notre mission

Established in Verviers, Traitex is a family owned company that has a well-known worldwide reputation. It is involved in scouring and carbonizing of wools. It also scours cashmere and other animal fibres. Very concerned about quality and environment, Traitex offers the best solutions for treating your fibres. We are Ökotex 100 and Gots certified.

  • The Wool

    Treated in Verviers

    Wool is an exceptional natural fibre. It is renewable, biodegradable, flame resistant, able to absorb toxic chemicals and to control the humidity. Its crimp and its elasticity make it very bulky and comfortable.

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  • The cashmere

    Treated in Afghanistan

    Cashmere is the fine undercoat fibres produced by the cashmere goat living in Asia (China, Mongolia, Iran, Afghanistan…). It has a diameter of 14 to 19 µ and therefore is used in luxury products famed for their comfort, their light weight and their warmth.

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Quelques chiffres



greasy wool treated per year



greasy cashmere treated per year



wool balls produced per year



long experience

Nos services

Nos services

The quality of our services and our reliability are well-known all over the world.

  1. Raw material unloading and warehousing
  2. Treating the goods
    • A. Scouring wools and other animal fibres
    • B. Carbonizing wools and combing wastes
  3. Special treatments (pH adjustment, flame proofing…)
  4. Cooling room and picking (quality control and faults removing)
  5. Packing – unpacking – repacking with or without shaking
  6. Finished goods warehousing
  7. Manufacturing of wool balls used for filling
  8. Paper works

In 2013, under the name of Traitex Industry, Traitex settled up a scouring line in Afghanistan. It is scouring cashmere and local wools

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