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What are we doing?

Traitex is working only on commission basis, it means that we are not the owner of the handled raw materials. All the operations are made on behalf of the customers. They are sometimes wool merchants or sometimes final users. To gain and to keep their confidence is very important and we pay very much attention for that.

After shearing the wool is collected. Some shearers are doing this job for themselves but very often it is realised by other specialists. When the wool arrives in our premises, we take it into our raw material storage hall and we check the delivered quantity and quality. Each lot gets an identification number and if necessary we make a report to the owner. Upon receipt of a scouring or carbonizing order, we write a production order mentioning all the required informations (lot Nr, Entry Nr, treatment, reference Nr, delivery date,…).

The carbonizing removes chemically all the vegetal matters. It concerns combing wastes (noils, burrs, card wastes…). Sometimes when the final use requires a very clean wool, we can also carbonize greasy or scoured wool. At the end of the processes, we press-pack the finished goods and bring the bales in our finished goods warehouse. Upon receipt of a delivery order from our customer, we proceed to the shipment per lorry or per container. Traitex offers an optimal assistance for import or export formalities and helps also to obtain the various required certificates.


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Réception et magasinage de matières brutes

Les laines achetées/collectées par nos clients sont réceptionnées en nos magasins. À ce niveau, nous contrôlons la conformité des lots et nous les identifions.

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Treatment of the goods

Referring to the customers’ orders, we scour or carbonize. Therefore, we are using a naturally soft water that made the fame of Verviers

  • A. Scouring
Concerns all types of animal fibres
  • B. Carbonizing
This treatment uses chemicals in order to remove all the vegetal matters from the wool. It concerns the combing wastes and some wool types

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Additional treatments

After scouring or carbonizing a bleach can occur. We use therefore hydrogenperoxyde that is harmless for environment. After scouring we may also apply special treatments for example flame proofing, mothproofing…

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Cooling room and picking

After drying the goods are brought in big rooms where they can breathe to recover their temperature and equilibrate their humidity. At this stage, we are able to inspect the quality of the whole lot. If requested, we make a picking to remove the troubling faults.

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The goods coming out of the cooling room are press-packed in about 300 kg bales. The bales are automatically scanned in order to determine the average regain. Upon request we can also repack your goods.

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Warehousing of the finished goods

Finally the bales are warehoused and we release the goods to a forwarding company when the customer gives his shipping order.

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Producing wool balls for filling

We produce small wool balls with your wool. They are used for fillings.

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Administrative formalities

We assist our customers for their administrative formalities when importing or exporting their goods (customs, certificate of origin, veterinary certificate…).

Research and development

Our laboratory controls the quality of our product, but also develops new scouring processes based on new products fulfilling the actual norms. It searches and sets new additional treatments to satisfy special requests of our customers.

We are also very active on the environmental field, we research the best ways for recycling our wastes, clearing our wastewaters and saving energy.

Markets list

  • Traitex scours mainly continental European wools. The batches weight varies from 400-500 kg greasy to several tenth of tons of wool.Of course, very much goods originating from other parts of the world are scoured in our premises.


  • Carbonizing concerns greasy or scoured wool and combing wastes (noils, burrs, card wastes…) coming worldwide.



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