Our commitment

You have our word.

Sustainable development

Wool is an annually renewable natural resource. It offers inherent advantages: heat, comfort, insulation, ability to regulate humidity and to absorb a number of volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde.

Traitex is very engaged in change to a healthier environment. It is not only protecting its own future but also ensuring a better life for the next generations.

For this reason, Traitex is participating to numerous programs such as:

  • Energy savings

    Reduction of energy consumption of the production lines, installation of 1000 photovoltaic panels delivering electricity to the sewage plant.

  • Wastes recycling

    Searching and applying new ways and uses for the scouring and carbonizing wastes.

  • Branch agreement

    Together with all the members of the Belgian Textile Industry Federation (Fedustria) Traitex takes part to a branch agreement. The purpose is to reduce the energy consumption. Each year, independent experts are examining the results and checking if the defined goals are reached.

  • Reduction of carbon dioxide emission

    Within these branch agreement, Traitex controls the release of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Nos certificats

  • Ökotex

    We are ökotex standard 100 recognized since 1995

  • GOTS

    Traitex is also agreed for treating biologicals or organics wools.